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Hydraulic Elevators are best suited for villas and residential usage.

We at PRATHEEK ELEVATORS are glad to inform you that We are authorized dealer for GMV "Italy Spa" for Karnataka region. GMV is the first innovative company who introduce the hydraulic lift at industrial scale on the Italian market and then in Europe and throughout the world as a technically and economically winning alternative to the then prevailing traction lift.The soundness of such originality has been confirmed worldwide.Nowadays, the hydraulic lifts cover approximately 40% of the market of new lifts in Europe and 80% in North America.


Easy to install and maintain

It operates on Single Phase as well as 3 phase Power

Eliminates machine room at the top

Eliminates machine room at the top

Compact space for the shaft

Hydraulic Power pack can be housed adjacent to the lift shaft

We offer with a capacity ranging from 3 passengers to 20 passengers


Only one load bearing wall is required

High security/safety when compared to other conventional lifts

Easy and Efficient Rescue Procedure

Saves enormous time as installation is quicker compared to other lifts


Huge Power saving due to usage of Single Phase (Green Revolution)

Cost cutting on Civil works, as there is no need of lift machine room

Preserves and Improves the aesthetic of the building

Hydraulic Motor

Commercial, Interiors

Hydraulic Motor

Commercial, Interiors

Hydraulic Motor

Commercial, Interiors