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Cabins & Doors


Automatic Doors

  • Smooth and silent operation
  • Auto adjustments of all physical parameters such as slowing distance
  • Infrared barrier for safety of the passengers
  • VVVF inverter gives a smoother operation with variable speed opening
  • Door returns incase force is applied on the door panels works as a safety of the passengers

Available in the following options

  • Centre opening automatic door
  • Telescopic two leaf automatic door
  • Telescopic three leaf automatic door
  • Four leaf centre opening automatic door

All the above doors are available following finishes

  • Stainless steel hairline finish
  • Mild steel with powder coating finish
  • Big vision glass door with stainless steel hairline finish frame
  • Full vision glass doors
  • Customised stainless steel finishes like etching

Car Doors

Automatic center opening

Manual Doors

Manual doors available in the following types

Landing Doors

  • Swing doors
  • Manual telescopic doors
  • Imperforated doors


Stainless steel designer sheets

Mild steel powder coated elevator cabin

Powder coated with optional selections of stainless steel finish, flooring, mirror, and handrail to match with the building aesthetics.